Endurance Care Limited
  1. Supported living is not our service, it’s your home
  2. Live your life the way you want to live it
  3. Have more choice and great independence

We specialise in supported living service through providing customised housing and support options for people with a range of disabilities and complex needs.

Our services are designed to meet the individuals needs and, where necessary, will be specially adapted to meet specific sensory and physical requirements.
Our specialist support staff work closely with each individual to create an effective care plan and provide support in accordance with their assessed needs.

We support people with a wide range of activities, including maintaining tenancies, understanding their rights and responsibilities as a tenant, paying bills, improving their health and well-being, gaining access to education and employment opportunities, developing social skills, and more.

Our person-centred approach and active participation care model ensures that the people we support are involved in all decisions regarding their own care and day-to-day support.

As part of the care planning process, our clients are encouraged to engage in meaningful activities linked to their individual goals and personal aspirations.

Who do we support?
We support young individuals and adults with a wide range of disabilities and complex needs. Click here for more information.
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