Endurance Care Limited
Personalised Care and Support

Endurance Care specialise in designing a care model that is specific to the individual and promote active participation whereby the people we care for are at the heart of everything.
We support you to develop new skills and to engage in activities linked to your unique goals and personal aspirations. We are dedicated to supporting your development and promoting choice through our personalised care plans.

Client Engagement

Your choice helps us understand what plan and care packages need to be implemented and we always look to empower you to achieve your personal goals.

Commitment to Quality

Our service is monitored by the Care Quality Commission and as a BILD registered company, our services promise to meet the regulatory standards met not just by authorities, but also by ourselves as care givers.

Collaborative Partnerships

We work hard to build sustainable partnerships with local authorities and the family members of the people we support so that we can deliver an innovative care package.

Working with Families

Your families will also be able to play a part in the care we provide for you. By working closely with them, we are able to ensure that their relatives are provided the best possible care.

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